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Workers say as they were on the frontlines, they were barred from wearing masks.

Individual districts and day care centers will still be able to institute their own requirements.

Columbia University researchers identified coronavirus mutations that could be connected to higher cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

The policy shift comes as the city's COVID-19 risk alert is downgraded from 'high' to 'medium.'

“We urge you to take the following proven precautions to protect your family and our communities: wear a mask," a letter from the schools chancellor and health commissioner read.

"Every time I went out to start shooting these images... it was like I had this conscious conversation with myself: Do I want to go out and risk getting COVID and die?"

Studies have determined wastewater is an effective tool to track rising coronavirus levels, but it’s unclear if it can replace conventional testing in New York City.

The city’s Department of Consumer and Worker Protection received more than 38,000 complaints of price gouging in a 12-month span, a 114% increase compared to the same time period the previous year.

“We've all grown exhausted by all this stuff. Financially, this doesn't help. I don't want to do anything to turn a single person away. All I want to do is sell wine and put on music."

Each student will receive two test kits Friday, but there is no requirement for a negative test result to return to school on February 28th.