As Corona, Queens tries to recover from the loss, an incumbent defends his record as he faces a challenge from a political newcomer.
One Queens school uses a local park as “a space where teachers can be creative and students benefit from that creativity,” said Chancellor Richard Carranza.
On Thursday, MTA Chairman Pat Foye made a plea to the federal government for another $3.9 billion to keep the system running for the rest of the year.
The victim was one of three owners of the El Mundo Supermarket in Corona.
William Smith was also wanted in relation to a robbery attempt in Queens over the weekend.
This happened in Corona.
He also allegedly offered to pay three of the girls for their silence.
The "Greatest Show and Tell On Earth"
A 34-year-old cyclist is in critical condition after getting hit by a driver near an onramp to Grand Central Parkway in Queens.
They were allegedly running a major cocaine trafficking ring that has ties to Italian mob families
Let's hope she doesn't cancel.
The blaze engulfed an apartment in a development in Corona.
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