Corey johnson

The last stated meeting of the City Council included legislation to rein in greenhouse gas emissions, publicly post wages and help prevent birds from colliding with buildings.
The legislation would shrink public school classes over three years, starting next fall, by mandating more square footage per student.
The budget also includes an increase in police spending of $200 million, which the mayor said is mostly for overtime.
Lander leads by 64,000 votes, but as many as 200,000 absentee ballots have not been counted yet.
Johnson announced his bid for New York City comptroller on Tuesday — he amassed $859,000 while considering a mayoral bid, and now joins the race with the most cash of any candidate.
"These are damning, damning statistics."
"And everything that's happened in the city and in this country the last four years, a lot of people probably couldn't have predicted. So I don't think that one budget would have determined the trajectory of a campaign."
"This challenging time has led me to rethink how I can best be of service to this city, and I have come to the conclusion that this is not the right path for me."
"Are there gonna be critics on all sides? Of course. But I'm convinced this is real change."
"New York will not be New York if we do not have restaurants and bars and an enlivened streetscape," speaker Corey Johnson said.
"What I haven't heard is: what are the administration's ideas? What ideas do you all have? I haven't seen anything proactive put forward."
"There are some businesses that we believe are not paying their workers appropriately. They deserve more than our gratitude and respect, they deserve a bill of rights, they deserve protections, and they deserve better pay."
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