You can't play Jackson Browne's "Somebody's Baby" without throwing money to the song's writers.
Sesame Workshop wants all of the unauthorized Big Bird costumes off the market... especially the slutty ones.
A Manhattan judge just tossed out a claim in the trademark case.
And some community service!
Let's HOPE he gets to stay a free man?
Chik-fil-A, the popular chicken chain with the homophobic charity arm, is worried about kale.
Left: Eno's Pizza Tavern logo, Right: Brooklyn Brewery [UPDATE BELOW] Sometimes
Photo via's flickr So many legal briefs jokes, so little
Viacom and YouTube are amidst a battle over copyrighted material, and
In case you haven't heard, both The Daily Show and The
Photo via larimdame Well, they didn't knock him on the noggin
The 33-year-old author using the pen name J. D. California, who
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