Cop shot

He had reportedly made a habit of having someone else sign for him at the end of his shift.
Earlier, police acknowledged that the officer struck was shot by a fellow cop.
The alleged non-cop gunman is expected to still face an assault charge.
Injured in a shootout, he could be arraigned from a hospital bed.
The discovery comes as city leaders are changing their tune on criminal justice reform.
The NYPD says the men fled the area after firing their weapons.
The bullet entered the cop's cheek and went out the other side of his head.
The shooter allegedly wanted to a kill a cop.
An on-duty police officer was shot in the leg while on patrol in Crown Heights.
The woman had an order of protection against her ex.
The new detective was clutching his gunshot wound with his left hand and managed to fire at the suspects with his right hand—and he's left-handed!
The NYPD has released riveting surveillance video that documents the wild shootout, in which Officer Ivan Marcano held pressure on his wound while hunting down the suspects with his gun drawn.
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