Cop shooting

Local residents awoke this morning to find police with heavy tactical response gear investigating the surrounding area.
Luis "Baby" Ortiz, who is accused of shooting officer Kevin Brennan in the head Tuesday night at the Bushwick Houses, showed no remorse as he was escorted out of the 90th Precinct station house yesterday.
A police officer who shot herself in the hand at at
The police shot and killed a man who was wielding a
Elijah Foster-Bey Back in October, a 17-year-old boy was indicted for
An unidentified MTA cop was putting her gun back in the
Elijah Foster-Bey The 17-year-old boy who allegedly shot a plainclothes cop
Police say an armed suspect who fired at cops was fatally
Police shot a gun-wielding robbery suspect in Brooklyn last night, at
Omar Edwards and son A grand jury has voted not to
After police surveillance of two robbery suspects turned into a bloody gunfight,
After a woman set a pit bull on cops, prompting them
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