Cop killing

"I know she's up with God looking at us."
The victim says he has been targeted by the police since he unwittingly gave directions to a cop killer in 2014.
The supposed target, a postal worker, says he has been pulled over 20 times for no reason.
He says he wanted to keep the focus on "the brutal, senseless murder."
The pastor at Officer Randolph Holder's family's church said his death should be a "catalyst for unification."
"I believe in constitutional rights but I also believe in common sense."
And a vigil was held in Officer Holder's memory.
The suspect, who also killed a driver for his car, allegedly told police who found him, "I’m Fuller — the guy you’re looking for."
The police officer had been responding to a call about a domestic disturbance.
"The reason I decided to come forward with everything is I need to help myself out of this situation."
The number of law enforcement officers across the country who have died in the line of duty is already up 14% over last year. Hope you're happy, Occupy Wall Street!
After his previous trial ended in a mistrial, today a jury
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