He is accused of burying the bodies on his property.
She allegedly forged judges' signatures to authorize the wiretapping.
He told investigators he drank 10 drinks at a City Island bar, and had spent his pre-drinking time training at a police shooting range.
Look at this purrpatrator!
An NYPD officer was injured in the line of duty last night when he was struck by an airborne bike in Brooklyn.
An off-duty NYPD officer has been arrested for allegedly dragging his girlfriend in his car and then fleeing the scene.
"[Pena] was punished more harshly than Al Qaeda terrorists, vicious killers, kingpin narcotics offenders, violent gangsters and racketeers," wrote Pena's lawyer, Ephraim Savitt.
In the cell phone video age, no bizarre dance-and-diss outbursts go unpunished.
He only came forward on Friday, nearly two weeks after SUV driver Alexian Lien was beaten by motorcyclists on the West Side Highway.
And it all started over the report of a stolen pocketbook.
"It affected me to the point I don’t trust the police...When I see a cop now, the first thing I’m thinking is, it’s going to be crazy before it’s going to be something good."
The officer's mother defended him: "My son is a very good boy and wouldn’t do a thing like that," 67-year-old Juliana Gomez said.
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