Cooper union

The shooting happened around 8 a.m. near Cooper Union and Astor Place.
The Strand is hosting Al Franken, who will discuss his new memoir with Seth Meyers.
"I don't have any plans to enter politics, just like I have no plans to join the circus."
"We will protect you. This is your home."
De Blasio said, "NYC is great, prosperous and strong because we are inclusive."
The trustees "may have lost sight of Peter Cooper's ideals."
"We still have to make sure that this negotiation doesn't fall prey to loopholes."
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is set to announce a deal.
One day after five members of the Board of Trustees also stepped down.
They will reportedly be charged for overloading on courses and taking courses over the summer.
The AG's office has launched a probe into the financial decisions that led to school to charge tuition.
"If they don't succeed, then Cooper Union's just going to fail in every respect...And if they do succeed, then it's not the Cooper Union."
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