Cooper stock

They were also naming the street where Cooper lived and was killed after him.
A Manhattan judge ruled that Cooper's death was "not a crime."
An advocacy group for victims of traffic violence is calling out the city's district attorneys for failing to file criminal charges against drivers who kill pedestrians.
"The conditions were dark that night," said attorney Raymond Colon. "The weather may have been a little inclement."
Koffi Komlani was arrested on October 7th and charged with one count of Failure to Exercise Due Care, which is a traffic infraction.
Left turns will be banned at 95th and 97th Streets and traffic islands will be added, per the proposed plan.
Relatives of victims begged for change.
She was struck only a few blocks from where 9-year-old Cooper Stock was killed in January.
The cab driver, Koffi Komlani, was given a summons for failure to yield. He has not driven passengers since he hit Stock on January 10 at Riverside Drive and 97th Street, but he still has his license.
The legislation would impose a temporary suspension on the cab driver's license pending a thorough investigation of the incident, the results of which would determine whether the suspension becomes permanent.
Cooper Stock died while walking across West End Avenue, in the crosswalk with the light and holding his father's hand.
UWS residents are urging the city to crack down on drivers who kill pedestrians after a 9-year-old and a 73-year-old were fatally struck in separate incidents on Friday.
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