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We just had the warmest October since temperature observations began in Central Park just after the Civil War, and the eighth straight warmer-than-average October.

Much warmer weather is in store for Sunday when the high will reach at least the upper 70s.

The wind and rain will keep the temperature to the upper 60s on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Texas could see 1-2 feet of rain through early next week as Hurricane Harvey hits.

Dry weather and mostly clear skies will last through tomorrow morning, but significant weather changes will be taking place after that.

A storm over the Great Lakes is headed our way tonight.

Tomorrow's high will again be near 40, guaranteeing that December will be warmer than average.

A strong cold front passed through the city last night, dropping the dew point from the mid 50s to mid 30s in a matter of hours.

In New York, there's joy even in mediocrity, and sometimes "good enough" is just fine.