The new law means housing applications will no longer ask prospective renters about their criminal histories.
A coalition of exoneration organizations want prosecutors to vacate hundreds of convictions in which officers, who went on to be convicted for misconduct, played a key role.
"It has always been our position that Mr. Van Hise engaged in fantasy role play with Mr. Valle and many others," one lawyer told the Post.
The judge deemed the police officer's musings as 'fantasy role-play.'
It's one of the biggest scandals in city history.
Wilson was convicted of killing two undercover detectives in 2003.
Pride had claimed he shot Figoski by accident.
Renato Seabra, the Portugese underwear model accused of brutally castrating and killing his older lover at the Times Square InterContinental in January 2011, has been found guilty.
A former cop was convicted yesterday of shooting her then girlfriend in the shoulder and leg. Now she faces up to 25 years behind bars.
Medunjanin's sister reportedly screamed, "Oh God! Oh God" in a court elevator after the leaving the court room.
Joseph Gray was returning to his precinct after spending up to 12 hours drinking when he struck a family in Brooklyn.
Spalding told the judge, "Your honor, I’m not a violent person...The toy gun was in my bag. I never took it out. I didn’t even know it was in there."
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