Convention center

If gambling gets legalized they're going to have to put 'em somewhere, and a Manhattan location might help somebody else pay for a new convention center.
With no $4 billion convention center-casino plan, that means no 10,000 construction jobs and no 10,000 permanent jobs.
Governor Cuomo insists building America's largest convention center in Queens will be a big boon for New York State and Queens. But one book-peddling convention center expert won't stop raining on his parade!
Did you realize that the day the Javits Center opened, it was "outdated and already behind schedule"?
Would Cuomo's plan for a giant new convention center out in Jamaica Queens save New York from ruin? You may want to look at how other convention centers are doing across the country.
Governor Spitzer is facing opposition in his attempt to snuff out any
Even while targeted in the Troopergate scandal, State Senate leader Joseph Bruno
The proposed expansion of the Jacob J. Javitz convention center is essentially
Grand plans for the 7 line extension have run into the harsh
The Dalai Lama has arrived in New York, speaking in his native
A memorial to thousands of people buried in downtown Manhattan will open
The area across from Shea Stadium known as the Iron Triangle
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