'The easy thing to understand is that this does increase the strain on the MTA's budget. The harder thing to figure out is by how much.'
Details about the contract come as NYCHA continues to struggle to provide basic services like heat and hot water for its 400,000 tenants and to complete a court-mandated lead paint inspection.
A third of the city's households still don't have access to Fios, despite a promise made under Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
"None of us were expecting to be here today."
"We're basically keeping our fingers crossed that someone doesn't call and say they are doing very badly."
"My teachers aren't here, so why am I going?"
"The weirdest thing they did was bring in these sort-of pretend teachers."
"They'll do anything they can to damage him."
They'll get 20% raises over the next five years.
Governor Cuomo says straphangers will not be served with a fare hike.
Maybe there will be a contract. Maybe not.
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