In the original film, then-Sen. Adams shows parents how to look for guns and drugs in everything from a school knapsack to a toy doll.
The arrest comes as Rikers Island has struggled with a spike in violence.
She was arrested last year along with three other conspirators for smuggling contraband.
For the THIRD time this year, a cat was caught attempting to smuggle contraband into a prison.
Girlfriends of the inmates allegedly helped facilitate the transactions by giving the contraband to the guards and wiring them money via Western Union.
This white kitty was caught by prison guards in Brazil trying to sneak contraband into the jail. "It’s difficult to know who is responsible for this, since the cat won’t talk," officials said.
Hint: They're all on the menu at JKF's grinding room.
A Brooklyn man is suing the NYPD for allegedly forcing him to submit to X-Rays and CAT scans to find "contraband" in his stomach, and then pay for them after the charges were dropped.
“We find a whole host of stuff,” said the New York City Department of Corrections’ chief deputy, Carmine LaBruzzo. “Live ammunition. Cellphones, beepers, iPads, iPods.”
Yesterday it was reported that a Daily News reporter witnessed a
"a rich man is nothing but a poor man with lollipops"
It's been a particularly rough week for guards at Rikers Island.
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