The 'tumor' ended up being a tapeworm.
"This finding is deeply concerning," City Councilmember Steve Levin said.
Pigeons may no longer be the city's most useless rodents, according to new research.
The New Yorker has put together an excellent video investigation into the most radioactive place in the city. Check it out below.
New York City is one step closer to earning its third Superfund site—a radioactive body shop shining bright like a cancer-causing diamond in Ridgewood, Queens.
Superfund sites aren't just for canals filled with used toilet water! They're also radioactive autobody shops and, more chillingly, delis in Ridgewood, Queens!
"What are the chances that the killer came in contact with this chain and left his DNA on it all these years later?"
The latest inquiry into the gritty realities of our new friends the fracking industry has just come out, and it brings us an important and previously-unheard lesson: energy industry officials lie!
Flickr user jeffwilcox For years, the US Department of Agriculture has
A 2006-2008 salmonella outbreak in many eastern states is being linked
Flickr user natwhat About 80 students at PS 20 in Flushing
Department of Environmental Conservation map, flags represent businesses that caused the
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