Contact tracing

As the city sunsets its large-scale COVID-19 outreach efforts, contact tracers reflect on two years of knocking doors.
The head of NYC Test & Trace discusses how the public health initiative is looking for omicron cases, including those connected to an early outbreak at a Manhattan anime festival.
Executive Director Dr. Ted Long also discussed the challenges posed by tracking cases in reopened businesses and schools.
"Almost no one knows where they've gotten it and whether they might have transmitted it, and I almost never have people give contacts to me."
"It's an unfortunate reflection on the state of US immigration authorities that a bill like this is necessary."
The city and the state are both experiencing obstacles as they ramp up their contact tracing programs.
Many protesters have been sensitive about revealing their identities, declining to provide their names during interviews with reporters or being photographed.
Several state buildings will also be illuminated blue and gold to celebrate New York's "curve benders."
"Nothing I’ve been told has stayed the same,” a recruiter for the contact tracing program told Gothamist. “People who may have thought they got the job probably won’t be hired. A lot of us aren’t happy about it.”
From determining just what a contact tracer does to defining a close contact, we break down contact tracing.
“This plan raises a lot of alarm bells,” City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said.
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