Apple will reportedly open a store on the second floor of the Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst.
Riding into Brooklyn on a cresting wave of bourgeois inevitability, an Apple Store is opening in Williamsburg.
The new frontier in Black Friday shopping: Shop with your stun gun.
'Queues begin to form at each of the escalators, with Macy's staff holding back shoppers to limit the weight.'
Depressingly typical.
Black Friday creep is not cool.
This RADICAL Pope wants the rich to share their wealth?!
We've learned a few things sifting through YouTube videos of people (mostly children) tearing open their Christmas presents. Namely, our apartment sucks.
Even tourists love Black Friday, "We don't have Thanksgiving in France. It's very exciting."
Dudes are so typical, amiright?
We debated submitting to Clicky's advances for journamalism, but decided to go with the Thai lunch special we saw on a chalkboard, outside, walking on the sidewalk.
Migrant workers, who were promised the equivalent of US $16-19 to wait hours for the iPhone, became angry when the product was sold out.
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