Construction workers

While many kinds of work have stopped, construction has continued.
Although it was a windy day, officials don't believe the weather was a factor in the incident.
Three World Trade Center concrete workers were arrested this morning on charges of selling drugs to other workers. The Port Authority received a tip about the drug ring about seven months ago.
A wide spectrum of stupid, offensive graffiti has been scrawled on the plywood walls of the temporary men's rooms in the 1 World Trade Center tower.
Since it's no longer fashionable to learn from the mistakes of others, on Friday another two WTC construction workers were caught boozing during their lunch break.
On Friday, seven workers decided to do some drinking at a nearby Warren Street bar before heading back to work—unfortunately for them, some undercover Port Authority detectives caught them.
Two years ago, the eagle eyes at the NY Post spied some World Trade Center workers enjoying some alcoholic beverages during their lunch breaks—and now they report that it's still going on.
The 69-year-old man who brought the Flatiron building to a standstill on Wednesday told reporters he waved his finger, not a gun, at construction workers, and yelled at them about "drilling," not "killing."
Hot on the heels of their undercover work at the city's
Yesterday, a construction safety coordinator filed a $20 million lawsuit, accusing
Image from the NY Post The Post has an article looking
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