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The incident occurred at the site of a new 14-story building project on Java Street in Greenpoint while workers were using an excavator to move pipes.

The Port Authority will vote Thursday on the latest plan to overhaul a JFK terminal, with an expected 23 new international gates at the new Terminal One.

On Friday, the Department of Buildings published a "real-time map" of all essential and emergency work that still allowed to happen under the order.

Emergency construction, hospital construction, infrastructure and transportation projects, and affordable housing will be allowed to continue.

While many kinds of work have stopped, construction has continued.

Authorities say that contractors with WSC Group Inc. had known conditions at the site were highly unsafe, but refused to halt the work.

For residents, the growth has ushered in an ever-changing skyline with record-breaking heights and a huge spike in noise complaints.

The 23-year-old man was reportedly one week into the job when he died.

A 58-story luxury condo project set to be among the city’s tallest waterfront towers is leaning three inches north because of a faulty foundation, according to recently filed court documents.

Due to a burst sprinkler in Terminal B, LaGuardia travelers enjoyed scenic vistas featuring a temporary indoor lake and misty waterfalls.