"It's very simple: New Amsterdam was New York before it got messed up."
Spoiler: all of this is your fault, ladies.
"Fire In My belly," an avant-garde film from the late David Wojnarowicz, includes a 10-second shot of ants crawling over a crucifix.
Herman Cain is besting Mitt Romney in the GOP presidential race, 25% to 21%. Cain is hoping to build on his success with this brilliant art house campaign ad released on Sunday night.
When will the Pulitzer committee recognize the medium of tapping Americans on their shoulders, shoving a camera in their faces and waiting 30 seconds before they say something stupid?
While Kanye West teased the Wall Street Occupiers with his gold teeth, self-styled watchdog journalist of the left and Brietbart bedfellow James O'Keefe also visited Zuccotti Park earlier today.
The man who said just weeks ago, "I'm not running," is allegedly considering a 2012 presidential run, thanks to some persistent billionaires.
Conservatives have been up in arms all week over a rapper who glorifies the decadent lifestyle of food stamps and welfare, but Mr EBT says, "They don't get it. My video is a parody."
From the moment Glenn Beck arrived, the vibe was "hostile," and that someone apparently kicked a glass of wine over on his wife's back.
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