There are roughly 8,000 piping plovers in the entire world.
Lawmakers approved a bill last Wednesday to hand management of the School of Conservation to a nonprofit run by the school’s longtime supporters.
The city’s waterfront is facing a critical moment, as sea levels are expected to begin rising at an accelerated rate.
The legislation requires that at least 90 percent of all glass installed on newly constructed or altered buildings be treated or constructed with materials that will be visible to birds.
The annual memorial is helping scientists understand the ways in which light pollution is impacting the behavior of nocturnal animals.
It takes a little doing, but it can be delicious.
Meet the new packaging-free model that one woman hopes will divert landfill waste and reduce our dependency on chemical-laden plastic containers.
A report released by the agency also shows that the average MTA trip keeps 10.39 pounds of carbon out of the atmosphere.
The remains of a ship from the 1700s found at the
Photograph by Jake Dobkin Today between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.,
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