New York had been arguing that the MTA needed more of the funds.
Scientists are closely following a hard-to-predict trend of U.S. tornadoes inching toward the Eastern Seaboard.
“We're just keeping our fingers crossed that we will see them at least one more time here in 2021.”
The fireball was reportedly seen in ten states.
Cuomo said enforcement would be impossible and "disastrous" for the state's economy.
All five patients were hospitalized, Connecticut health officials said.
Over half of the people in the town to test positive for coronavirus in the last week are between 16 and 21.
"So many New Yorkers have lost someone but that is particularly true in communities of color and particularly true in the African-American community."
Three of the four people who've contracted mosquito-borne Eastern Equine Encephalitis have died.
Jennifer Dulos "acted in accordance with her stated intention to do anything within her power to see to it that [her husband] was deprived of their children's companionship," Fotis Dulos's defense attorney said.
Jennifer Dulos was last seen on May 24th, and security camera footage allegedly shows her estranged husband disposing of her blood-stained belongings.
Nikki Yovino apparently made up the sexual assault allegation because she didn't want to lose the affection of a male friend.
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