Congestion pricing

After months of delays, the MTA believes its congestion pricing program is still on schedule and could still go into effect by the end of next year. But watchdogs say it has lost precious time already.
An environmental review assessment is the latest in a series of slowdowns.
The long-delayed plan to charge drivers entering into Manhattan continues to be long delayed.
"Why not make life easier? Why not stay in New Jersey?" Rep. Josh Gottheimer asked.
Right now, the 16-month federal environmental review is underway.
Congestion pricing is supposed to start in 2023.
One Queens resident called the tolling plan—which has not been finalized—"elitist, immoral, and just plain wrong."
The public meetings, which start on September 23rd, are a step in the long slog towards the tolling program.
"When people ask me what the single most important thing we can do to prepare for climate change, I tell them congestion pricing."
Cuomo prided himself on building things that would outlast him; bridges, airports, train stations. But he also lorded over matters that affect the commute for millions of New Yorkers.
Congestion pricing would create a tolling zone in Manhattan below 60th Street, excluding the FDR Drive and the West Side Highway.
The federal government ended a cynical Trump era policy, but a long political fight over toll exemptions looms.
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