The upcoming New York City rule would have restricted the amount of time app-based drivers for companies like Uber and Lyft can spend cruising without passengers below 96th Street in Manhattan.
“It sucks, it all sucks. This whole thing sucks,” Leah Strock, who said she lives on the 13th floor of a building at Grand and Clinton, said. “The horns are honking all night long."
'We really need to catch up here in New York.'
Bad weather and overall miserable congestion might make you want to reschedule your travel plans out of LaGuardia Airport.
For starters, NYC's congestion pricing plan isn't even a month old, and it's already under attack.
There are roughly 124,000 city-issued parking placards out on the city's streets, and that figure doesn't include state-issued placards.
'There's a lot of people who have their cars in a parking space all week long, but only use it on the weekend. That's not optimal,' de Blasio said.
"Congestion is at a level that for so many people in the city really affects their lives negatively."
To date, the city has not responded with a crackdown plan.
If you're trying to take Uber, Lyft, Gett, etc. home, you need to take a shuttle bus from the terminal.
The study is set to cost $370,000, and an overhaul will be performed only if engineers and the DOT deem it feasible.
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