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Cops found the baby's body around noon on Saturday. An autopsy will determine the cause of death.

Sources say the note reads as part manifesto, part suicide note, and part justification for the killing of innocent people—but we're sure some lovestruck teenagers will still find this very romantic indeed.

“So then he just approach her with this type of feelings he had never felted before which led him to do things he would never think he would do in his life,” he wrote.

"The reason I decided to come forward with everything is I need to help myself out of this situation."

Bakary Camara pleaded not guilty to murder from his hospital bed in Bellevue yesterday, but cops say Camara already admitted to the crime when cops found him, saying: "I killed Rita."

A teen who went through a mistrial last year for the murder of WABC Radio newsman George Weber was found guilty yesterday.

Even though accused child killer Levi Aron was found competent yesterday to stand trial for the murder of Leiby Kletzky, Aron's lawyers are still hoping they can pursue an insanity defense.

While thousands gathered in Borough Park to mourn the 8-year-old Hasidic boy who was brutally murdered this week, police have started questioning certain details in the confession of his alleged killer.