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Legends, a company co-owned by a Yankees affiliate, is among those vying for a license.

The children were found unresponsive Monday at the shore’s edge and later pronounced dead at Coney Island Hospital.

A spokesperson for the Administration for Children's Services told Gothamist they were working with the NYPD to investigate.

Dozens of residents in Coney Island NYCHA complexes are suing the city over lack of cooking gas caused by a Hurricane Sandy spurred remediation project.

Hundreds of families in the O’Dwyer Gardens have been calling for the city to restore cooking gas since construction broke ground on NYCHA’s Resilience and Recovery project in February.

"There was a real intimacy and a real beauty in the way people were interacting with each other on the beaches that is not quite the same at a city park or on the subway."

The incident occurred Thursday afternoon near the famed boardwalk.

Coney Island is back for another season, and the Cyclone is turning 95 this year.

The iconic oceanside neighborhoods experienced a fatality rate nearly three times the citywide average.

As of Sunday, the hospital had only 1 in 10 beds available, and its ICU was completely full.