Coney island

The incident occurred Thursday afternoon near the famed boardwalk.
Coney Island is back for another season, and the Cyclone is turning 95 this year.
The iconic oceanside neighborhoods experienced a fatality rate nearly three times the citywide average.
As of Sunday, the hospital had only 1 in 10 beds available, and its ICU was completely full.
Rain and omicron couldn't stop the brave from jumping into the Atlantic Ocean.
If you've been looking forward to immersing your body in freezing temperatures to ring in the new year, you're in luck.
While the city framed the decision as a matter of sustainability, local residents likened the move to desecration of a historic site.
"The risks to our sponsors, patrons, community and our wonderful staff—who have risen to every challenge—were too much to bear."
Start getting your best "Pirates Of Penzance" cosplay outfit together, because the 39th Annual Mermaid Parade is happening September 12th.
The setting is a real spectacle, but La Tombola also pulls off a long menu of crowd-pleasers with some surprisingly good food.
You may not be able to take immediate advantage of Hot Vax Summer, but you will soon.
The vaccine site at Grand Central Station witnessed hefty demand early Wednesday, and Coney Island recorded a lengthy line, too.
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