Heavy rain and winds knocked down trees and power lines.
1,200 Con Ed customers in Queens still don't have power.
Most households are expected to get power back by 11 p.m. Sunday in NYC.
"It's going to be a long process," an FDNY spokesman said of the ongoing rescue.
A photo of two bare-breasted women allegedly cost a new Con Ed hire her job.
It's been shuttered for nearly five months following the deadly Second Avenue explosion.
"I think it's kind of tacky. I think it's unprofessional."
The pipe "failed the pressure test at the normal operating pressure."
The utilities, for their part, say it is too soon to say who will foot the bill.
A once packed and noisy section of NYC is now an eerie, cold and quiet scene come nightfall.
If your power comes from underground it will ONLY take Con Ed about three days to restore it to you.
For many people living downtown, Sandy is still unfolding. Here's a look what they're dealing with.
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