At least now we know where to stock up on free diapers, condoms, and balloons.
Susan Haar is seeking $2 million in damages from Sexy Boutique.
Before, students had to request to get the condom demo in a 'health resource room.'
"It looks like whoever left that condom on the F train is a trendsetter."
An MTA spokesman says, "This has been brought to the highest levels of the subway system, and our cleaning crews will be on the lookout for it whenever they clean cars."
For minor arrests, "condoms will be secured for safe keeping along with other items of personal property and returned to individuals after they are released from custody."
"Sex workers are more likely victims than they are criminals, and condom evidence was rarely of any value to a prosecution," said Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice.
A package containing two boxes of condoms was sent to the 8-year-old girl via Amazon.
If NYC really wanted to get serious about promoting condom usage, they should consider adopting an emergency condom delivery service.
The Health Department announced today that the condoms, though still thick as a gym sock dipped in glue then stuffed in another gym sock, are getting a new look.
A Manhattan judge tossed out prostitution charges against a 26-year-old woman because police alleged that a uniform of "black pea coat, skinny jeans and platform shoes" screamed Pay Me For Sex.
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