"Sex workers are more likely victims than they are criminals, and condom evidence was rarely of any value to a prosecution," said Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice.
If NYC really wanted to get serious about promoting condom usage, they should consider adopting an emergency condom delivery service.
If a person is in possession of a condom distributed by NYC and they are then arrested with that condom used as major evidence, does it count as entrapment?
Do people need to go to remedial sex ed. classes? According to a new meta-report on condom usage in the journal Sexual Health a lot of people are still struggling with the basics.
Some alarming new numbers are coming out of the Health Department these days.
In New York State a condom on your person can still
When Pope Benedict made those somewhat confusing remarks saying that condoms
Yesterday, excerpts of a book-length interview that Pope Benedict granted to a
Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that a strip club in West
Jen Chung/Gothamist The rubbers have to hit the road. Two unlicensed
The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is concerned after
Luis Acosta of Kew Gardens is now the Condom King of
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