The proposal must be approved by the Landmarks Commission before it breaks ground.
The board is suing two tenants for allegedly making the entire building smell like marijuana.
But we like to think of it as public art, not a new condo for some generic rich guy with fifteen Noguchi coffee tables.
An op-ed from the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, regarding that luxury condo going up at Pier 1.
This really makes that $118.5M Battery Park penthouse look pathetic.
A divorced dad who has been living out of his Mercedes van for the last year is on the hunt for an Upper West Side condo to call his own.
The real test will be whether the serotonin caused by the colored glass will offset the severe depression caused by the colored glass.
Forget the War on Christmas, the war on smoking has found a new front: Brooklyn.
Did you realize that people who live near the High Line aren't allowed to be near fumes?
Guess White Plains wasn't quite balLin' enough: according to the Post, Jeremy Lin has now started renting an all-inclusive, all-furnished apartment at the W Hotel in the Financial District.
Did you know that living the Williamsburg dream isn't as cheap as it used to be?
The Northside Piers, during construction, when no one could have predicted
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