Conde nast

Fashion photograph Terry Richardson, who has for years been the subject of sexual harassment accusations from models, is now reportedly banned from all Condé Nast properties.
It has not been revealed how much the deal cost the company.
Feelings range from nervousness to pride.
But Chris Rock will never ever go there.
“I don’t think alcohol should be allowed in there. It’s a sacred ground and they desecrated it."
Who wants to bet on a price tag over $4 billion?
Apparently the $1.9 billion dollar deal for Conde Nast to move to the World Trade Center was nearly derailed by contentious talks over ... a million-dollar vent.
The deal between Condé Nast and the Port Authority for the
Detailed maps of 1 World Trade Center—the building that NYPD chief Ray Kelly called the nation's No. 1 terror target—were posted on the city's Department of Finance website
One World Trade Center last month (Port Authority) After a year
Flickr user jamie nyc Is Brooklyn a thing now? We already
The publishing industry must be on the rise if Condé Nast
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