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Temperatures are expected to push into the low nineties Tuesday and Wednesday, with the threat of severe thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon.

Switching away from Con Edison may not be your best option.

Some city residents have seen their Con Ed bill double or even triple as compared to the previous month.

CitiBike is trying to expand its e-bike fleet with help from New York City and Con Ed.

An MTA backup system for the subways didn't work properly, Governor Hochul said on Monday.

"We prepared for the forecast with cushion and the weather delivered something much more destructive."

"The response to tropical storm Isaias by the electric utilities was completely unacceptable."

Tens of thousands of New Yorkers are still without power, more than 48 hours after Tropical Storm Isaias ravaged trees and power lines throughout the region.

Sure it's more than 90 degrees out, but maybe you can just go to a museum or a public pool or a dimly lit bar...oh, right.

Some energy experts say that could cause brownouts or blackouts if Con Edison isn’t prepared.