Comptroller thompson

The Daily News' Elizabeth Benjamin reports that City Comptroller Bill Thompson's
City Comptroller Bill Thompson has no regrets about his mayoral campaign
Now that he's going to be mayor for another four years,
The oh-so-close mayoral race continues to be thorn in many Democrats'
Mayor Bloomberg's narrower-than-expected election win over Comptroller Bill Thompson has left
Mayor Michael Bloomberg won his controversial third term by beating Comptroller
Yesterday, mayoral candidates Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Comptroller Bill Thompson
Last night, after an 11 minute takedown of Fox News, The
Photograph of Mayor Bloomberg and Comptroller Thompson during the final debate
Mayor Bloomberg...holding an Angels rally monkey?!?!? Tonight will be the second
Earlier today, City Council Speaker Christine endorsed Comptroller Bill Thompson for
A new Quinnipiac poll shows that Mayor Bloomberg is leading the
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