Comptroller liu

"We should not go ahead with a so-called Taxi of Tomorrow that perpetuates a shamefully separate and unequal cab fleet for another decade," Liu said.
"Sometimes I think, in this cruel city, is it only your conscience that can be trusted but no one else?"
Comptroller Liu gave a State of the City address, which recent comptrollers have not done.
The hits keep coming for Comptroller John Liu. He's polling badly, his campaign is being investigated and now he's said to be on "a paranoia-fueled snitch hunt."
Comptroller Liu's spokesman tried to find the silver lining.
City Comptroller John Liu has two women aggressively pushing for money.
About $20,000 has been refunded to donors thus far.
John Liu still wants to be the city's first Asian mayor.
An undercover FBI agent allegedly approached the fund raiser, interested in donating three times more than the allowed amount, and the fund raiser offered to organize straw donors.
Comptroller John Liu's campaign finance problems are growing—and it's unclear if the feds' inquiry is related to one started in 2009.
The NY Times goes after NYC Comptroller Liu's fundraising.
Liu estimates that the tax cuts proposed by the president would save someone who makes $25K a year $775, and $3,100 for those making $100K.
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