A report from Comptroller Tom DiNapoli shows the state received more from the feds than it gave back in 2020.
New York City students who are under the age of five will need to continue wearing masks in class, even if the school mask mandate is lifted by Mayor Eric Adams next week, because those kids are not currently eligible for COVID vaccines, a spokesperson for the mayor said.
The total of all city pension funds’ Russian assets were reportedly worth about $271 million last week.
“I like this early voting. I can come early, do what I have to do, and have the rest of my day to go.”
Early voting runs through October 31st.
A new comptroller's report is the latest stage in a legal saga over the city’s pandemic records.
The latest tabulations do not include absentee ballots, which could once again change the rankings, but some candidates saw their leads grow.
Lander leads by 64,000 votes, but as many as 200,000 absentee ballots have not been counted yet.
This year's Democratic mayoral primary has the largest field of candidates since 1977. Then there are all those other names for all those different positions.
The eight candidates argued over the city’s financial future, how best to save taxpayer money, and how to assure the health of the city’s pension funds for years to come.
The first televised debate for the New York City Comptroller candidates will be held Thursday night, offering New Yorkers a chance to consider who is best prepared to tackle the pressing financial issues facing the city post-pandemic.
The national progressive icon holds undeniable star power, but it remains to be seen how influential her support will be in turning out voters in local elections.
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