"They're looking to put political pressure on Albany to make it look a little worse than it is, because they want to blame the bail reform act," a former NYPD Captain says.
The city may see its first year with fewer than 1000 incidents since the NYPD starting keeping track.
An increase in violent crime arrests across New York City may be correlated to an increase in assaults on law enforcement officers.
The arrest comes four days after a Gothamist story highlighting the incident.
The mayor and police commissioner blame drunk club-goers for much of the violence.
When asked whether CompStat encourages the NYPD's use of quotas, Bratton said that idea is "bullshit."
It should be available in the next three months.
The city said the settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing, but the wrongdoing is extensively documented.
Still, there have been 13 more murders so far this year than there were at the same time last year.
While the 40th Precinct reported a 14% decrease in overall crime in 2014, that decrease has now been corrected to 11.4%.
Murder is down by 6.8% since last year, and 83% since 1993; rape has decreased 2.9%, and 58% over the last 21 years; robberies have declined 14.4% and 80%, the lowest amount ever recorded.
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