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The sanitation department says data shows the boroughwide program is hugely popular with New Yorkers.

The biogas project at the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant was initially expected to be finished in 2015.

The largest compost program in the country launches on Monday, Oct. 3. Here’s a rundown of the details.

Before the pandemic, Manhattan was served by an average of 736 Sanitation trucks. In 2020, that was cut to 272 trucks and service is currently still lower than normal, with 440 trucks working in the borough.

By 2017, the program was serving 300,000 households, 722 schools, agencies and institutions, and 80 drop-off points. In 2019, the city collected 50,000 tons of compostables from curbside service alone. What happened?

Residents were left unaware, and their compost was left in the hot sun.

Only about 3 percent of the organics waste produced by residents in the program is getting recycled.

800 and 900 tons of trash is processed every 24 hours.

The city's pilot program is expanding to North Williamsburg, Greenpoint and the Riverdale, North Riverdale and Fieldston neighborhoods in the Bronx.