Here's where people complain about dogs barking in apartments the most.
One graph shows that more than half of the alleged victims in CCRB complaints are black, and a quarter are Hispanic.
"We've had a longer spate of intensely hot weather then we have in a long time, and that's murder on these older train."
Not everyone's a fan of the "trick" portion of "trick-or-treat," apparently.
Live from New York, it's outrage.
This week's question comes from a NYC resident who's worried about how much she complains.
There's no question as to where our rat overlords prefer to spend their time: the Upper West Side.
"He said there are hipsters in the neighborhood. He gave me the impression they were noisier than the population before," said defense attorney William Fowlkes.
He better hope that there are no purple pants-wearing jurors.
It's the one complaint that could unite a city.
The Times' Crime Scene column today profiled one Robert Gluckstadt, a 61-year-old TriBeCa resident who is particularly invested in lodging complaints about city nuisances with the NYPD.
The film crew apologized. Or did they?
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