Competitive eating

The contest was planned to help kick off West Indian Day Parade festivities.
How many cannolis can you eat in 6 minutes?
51-year-old William Simmons managed to develop a coke habit despite his ability to inhale 162 wings in 2005.
Spoiler alert: he doesn't puke.
Just a cautionary tale for anyone considering entering a cockroach or worm-eating contest: A Florida man died shortly after winning just such a contest outside a reptile store.
Joey Chestnut ate over 7 pounds of wings in 12 minutes. What did YOU do on your Sunday?
Saturday marked the first ever balut-eating contest at Dekalb Market, where anxious competitors elbowed one another for the opportunity to devour as many of the unborn duck fetuses as possible.
With warm weather here lots of people are thinking about getting in shape for the beach. And then there are the competitive eaters.
With the many things going on at SXSW these days of course there was room for competitive eating. And of course fallen hot dog idol Takeru Kobayshi was there to make your stomach seem inadequate.
Takeru Kobayashi rang in Purim with a giant Hamentashen. Here's where you can try the popular Purim sweet.
Competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi inhaled a record-breaking 337 wings to win the 20th "Wing Bowl" in Philadelphia this morning.
The high school pepper spray trend continues in the Bronx, where over a dozen people—including the principal—were allegedly pepper sprayed by a student in the cafeteria.
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