About five to six inches of powder fell on the city and surrounding towns, but schools are staying open.
Commuters planning on getting to Manhattan this morning by way of Queens are advised to transfer to the Long Island Railroad, or just turn back now and go back to bed.
The reviews are in from this morning's B train commute, which critics are calling: 'crazy' and 'delightful,' and 'im trapped on the fucking b train im real life gonna CRY.'
The good, the bad, and the meh commutes.
The F also made this messy on the A and C lines.
A train with a mechanical problem at Bedford Avenue snarled L train service and ruined a ton of mornings. But we got your tweets.
"Just sitting here in the steam," said one commuter waiting at West 4th Street.
Last week I decided to document a week's worth of my subway commutes. Here's what happened.
An Amtrak switch problem reportedly snarled service on the Amtrak, LIRR and NJ Transit trains just in time for the evening commute.
"A woman was getting undressed. Some guys were taking off their T-shirts, and then I saw women taking their shirts off. They had their bras on."
A person Tweeted, 'Overheard on @LIRR: 'Daddy, aren't train rides supposed to be fun??' #TakeYourChildToWorkDay'
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