Community safety act

"When you speak up and say it's public space, they ask for your ID. And if you don't have an ID you get locked up."
The NYPD commissioner told the City Council his department is "a model of transparency."
Are armed criminals now taunting a powerless police department?
Bloomberg has already announced he will sue to block the implementation of the law.
This afternoon the City Council will attempt to check the NYPD's power and override Mayor Bloomberg's vetoes.
Mayor Bloomberg is allegedly dangling a leadership position at the Board of Elections over a city councilmember in order to kill the Community Safety Act.
Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Thompson seems to have some discrepancies with regard to his position on racial profiling.
Bloomberg is bent on continuing racial profiling.
Bloomberg has vetoed a measure that would have installed an Inspector General to broadly review NYPD policy.
The votes passed with the majorities necessary to override the mayor's veto.
Tonight around 10 p.m. the City Council will vote on bills that would allow citizens to meaningfully challenge discriminatory police practices and install an Inspector General to broadly review NYPD policy.
"Every tort lawyer is gonna buy a new house and a new car right away," Bloomberg said.
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