Community policing

"I look up and see a man with his head out the window, with a full-on professional camera, a real camera, pointing at me, taking my picture."
'Don't be hateful to the people who are protecting us,' de Blasio said on Wednesday.
As a heavy police presence strolled the boardwalk and beach on Sunday, NYPD officers acknowledged that they'd been ordered to "crack down" on the summer cocktails.
None of the officers who had water dumped on them in the videos initially made attempts to arrest the people who got them wet.
Are gang takedowns about violence or a continuation of the eras of mass incarceration and the drug war?
The officer in the video is purportedly riding the bike back to the precinct, when he blows through a red light and loses control of the motorcycle.
The rally, held the day before the one-year anniversary of Vassell's death, brought dozens of people to City Hall, including the victim's parents, Lorna and Eric Vassell.
The NYPD is weathering criticism for their second hip-hop slip-up of the week.
The community policing ads that Lee's company worked on ran earlier this year.
After a flurry of action from public officials, New York State's policy of prohibition may be crumbling.
Brooklyn-born James O'Neill began working as a New York City transit cop in 1983.
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