Community boards

Instead of a bidirectional lane on Central Park West, transportation officials presented their plans for a northbound bike lane, separated from traffic by plastic bollards and a seven foot buffer.
They're not omnipotent, but they do have power and influence over what happens in the neighborhood.
A witness said this "wasn't the kind of thing you would hear if Trump wasn't elected and people felt empowered in their anti-immigrant views."
Some activists want the boards to be elected, and be given veto power over land use decisions. Why isn't that already the case?
"He comes with his black skin trying to get us to believe that more of those condo towers is somehow gonna be beneficial to us, and we know it's a lie."
Get ready for more traffic calming, and much less stressful bike rides.
The community board there has become a graveyard of road-safety plans.
A local resident described Coyote Ugly as "the worst neighbor I've ever had."
"The phrase 'don't piss on my leg and tell me it's rain,' comes to mind," declared one angry neighbor.
There is a perfectly good reason why the SLA doesn't always listen to Community Boards regarding liquor license renewals.
Culturefix, the LES arts space and bar which recently fared well in court against the NYPD, got its liquore license renewed by the SLA days before Community Board 3 recommended to reject it.
Earlier this month the NYPD tried to shut down the LES bar Culturefix. And then Culturefix fought back.
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