Community board 8

"Most of us who live there worked long and hard to acquire the property that we now live in, and to have this come and create traffic jams and horns blowing is just a terrible thing."
A small but vocal group of Upper East Side residents, including Woody Allen, are strongly opposed to plans for new bike lanes in the neighborhood.
Now NIMBYs are asking for a bike lane on every block, to share the burden equally.
Police are seeking help finding him or her.
The owner of Freddy's Bar in Park Slope was told that his new Prospect Heights outpost would have to shutter by midnight on weekdays.
An Upper East Side Community Board wants to put Meatball Shop's boozy balls in a vice.
An UES Community Board is getting ready to petition the city and state to force cyclists to get licensed.
Community Board 8, which includes the Upper East Side, is bitching about cyclists in the form of a formal resolution.
This would at face seem like a poor decision that will choke our already clogged streets with the faint hum of death, but we need our Veggie Lo Mein here NOW.
An Upper East Side community group voted unanimously against a plan
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