Community board 7

Instead of a bidirectional lane on Central Park West, transportation officials presented their plans for a northbound bike lane, separated from traffic by plastic bollards and a seven foot buffer.
A plan for a redesigned Amsterdam Avenue has resulted in surprisingly little outcry from Upper West Side residents.
The burger chain's sidewalk cafe renewal at its Columbus Avenue location was met with opposition by local community members.
Left turns will be banned at 95th and 97th Streets and traffic islands will be added, per the proposed plan.
Cooper Stock died while walking across West End Avenue, in the crosswalk with the light and holding his father's hand.
The Department of Homeless Services is riling up Upper West Siders this week, moving 2009 homeless families into two low-income apartment buildings on West 95th Street.
Anna Wintour better watch out, the locals are getting restless!
Upper West Side residents are up in arms over the forthcoming
After last month a local community board "pitched a shutout" with
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