Community board 2

A massive development is slated to go up on Washington Street where a three-story warehouse currently sits by the water.
"What about the people who are driving their cars? What about the people getting out of their cars? What about the children?"
Street safety advocates tried to assure the hundreds gathered that these changes would benefit pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike, but many Clinton Hill residents refused to hear it.
"Certain things trump New York City laws, and one of those things is the right to worship."
"I don't know of anyone in the neighborhood who's looking forward to this."
A new bike lane is coming to Spring Street in the coming months, though not without the expected amount of controversy.
Neighbors to the forthcoming "Dominique Ansel Kitchen" spoke against the eatery's 28 person outdoor seating area and 8 a.m. opening time at last night's Community Board 2 meeting.
Jo Hamilton enjoyed years of free access to SoHo House, which had nothing to do with her role on the community board.
Though it has been allowed in years past, Manhattan’s Community Board 2 voted unanimously to deny a group of Wiccans the right to hold their annual celebration—WitchsFest—in Astor Place.
Neighbors of restaurant and bar Hudson Clearwater say confused diners are knocking on their apartment building doors, mistaking them for the restaurant's entrance.
"A child is gonna be killed...We all know this is about to happen."
NYU's plan for East Village domination hit a snag yesterday when Community Board 2 unanimously voted to oppose the school's aggressive NYU 2031 expansion plan.
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