Community board 1

If ultimately approved by the City Council, the 25-story building will bring affordable housing to the neighborhood and provide some unspecified financial support for the Seaport museum.
The next development battle in Lower Manhattan.
It all goes down on May 5th...
"What information do they have that shows what the problems are?"
"Right now in New York State anyone can be an elevator mechanic. That's right: anyone."
A local councilman had urged road planners to ignore parking-obsessed members of the area's community board.
"Every avenue cannot have a bike lane. They have to let people live."
A Sing Sing Karaoke isn't sounding so sweet to the residents living around the new Williamsburg location.
Urban Outfitters is forging ahead with its plan for total world domination, attempting to secure a liquor license for its forthcoming megastore currently under construction in Williamsburg.
A proposal from the Park Department and Open Space Alliance might turn a chunk of Union Avenue into more McCarren Park.
Fun-hating CB1 continues their quest to keep all of Williamsburg indoors and quiet.
Williamsburg hotspot Metropolitan's vine-tangled patio, scattered with picnic tables and lawn chairs, draws throngs of tank-top-wearing, chain-smoking, $2-PBR-swilling gays from across the city seven nights a week—and the neighbors have had enough.
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