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These largely grassroots programs, which are now powering more than 200,000 homes statewide, allow energy customers to choose solar without paying for the upfront costs and construction.

All around the city, networks, real and virtual, are springing up to assist fellow New Yorkers.

Tony Fongyit, who owns the beloved vegan ice cream shop and Caribbean eatery, was abruptly told to vacate at the end of the month.

Jonathan Banks stopped by Gothamist HQ to talk about "Better Call Saul," his rapport with Ken Jeong, living on the Upper West Side, John Steinbeck, and the best ham to pair with cider.

A study reveals that the chain might better service communities when it comes to friendliness, amenities and overall sense of community.

But in the video below, something amazing happens: several straphangers band together to help a woman who says she was groped, holding the alleged groper until the police arrived to arrest him.

In the Law & Order universe, the people are represented by two separate yet not equally important groups: Those who believe the noise between scenes is "Chung Chung" and those who do not.

Watch the opening of this Thursday's show—there's even the detectives and DA's walk at the end!

A handful of Evil Troys and Abeds huddled around Rockefeller Plaza to sing songs in protest of NBC removing the beloved cult show from the midseason lineup. Watch "protesters" sing "Oh Christmas Troy" below.

NBC hasn't cancelled the show, just removed it from the midseason schedule with the expectation that it will run again at some point.