Principal Bloomberg, a vocal critic of school segregation, is under Department of Investigation scrutiny for alleged communist organizing.
"Teachers at PSC have told us they are no longer comfortable talking about civil rights issues," a lawyer for the principal said.
Sanders's impression of Larry David is pretty, pretty, satisfactory.
Superb footage from the 50's showing the city empty out for an air raid drill, demonstrating the proper "duck and cover" technique, and sure-fire tips on spotting a communist.
Bloomberg's sick of these Commies trying to shove a living wage bill down the throats of companies who get government subsidies.
Walesa, a former electrician, was imprisoned by the communist government of Poland for being a union activist, and was elected president in 1990 after sucessfully leading negotiations for Polish workers.
"They may not look like much, but I was still shocked by their ability to make a quiet corner of Greenwich Village look like…well, every other town in the US."
Glenn Beck needs to get his house in order. Only a
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